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Use our comprehensive software to keep your players engaged away from practice.



Play Designer Free

Use our free lacrosse play designer to create men's, women's and box lacrosse plays. The play designer uses a drag and drop interface for intuitive play creation and a seamless animated playback. Add detailed comments to provied clarification to the reads and options of your plays. Your personal playbook includes unlimited plays and our best-in-class lacrosse play design software is always free.

Coach Playbook

Encourage your players to stay connected to your game plan with a team playbook. Your lacrosse team playbook will allow you to share plays with your players so that they can come prepared to practice. As a coach, you can track which plays have been the most frequently viewed and which players are consistently studying your plays.


Create and Manage Game & Practice Events

The Schedule allows coaches and team administrators the ability to upload their game and practice schedules. In addition to the date, time and location of their lacrosse games and practices, coaches can also call out key objectives for that particular event.

Collect RSVPs

As a coach of younger players, knowing what practice attendance will look like is critical to developing a good practice plan. Using the team schedule allows players to RSVP to practice and games ahead of time. This will better allow coaches to adjust middie lines or set proper practice plans and allow for players to coordinate carpooling.

Assign Homework for Practice

Our goal has always been to help coaches take the monotony out of practice. As part of your team schedule, you can also assign homework assignments for the players to study before they come to practice. For example, if the practice objective includes reviewing transition, be sure to assign your ride/clearing plays as homework so that your players can review before they come to practice.


Contact List

Maintain a contact directory of which players have signed up and joined your team. Include their jersey number, position and email address for easy communication.

Depth Chart

The depth chart allows you to easily manage your starting rotations, first substitutions and your midfield lines. For a men's lacrosse team, you can even track your depth chart at specialist positions such as face-off, long-stick midfield and short-stick defensive midfielder.

Player Ratings

Use our proprietary ratings system to track the growth and development of your players. Tailored scoring provides a normalized composite score based on position and player attributes to compare your players against one another. Use the player ratings to build complete improvement action plans so that your players can continue their development away from practice.